The Passionate Eye: The Weiner Family Collection â€” The Weiner Family Collection, with its singular emphasis on great sculpture, is one of the most important collections of modern art ever assembled in the Southwest.

Amedeo Modigliani, Head, 1910-1911, stone, collection of Gwendolyn WeinerAmedeo Modigliani, Head, 1910-1911, stone, collection of Gwendolyn Weiner

A Passionate Eye from the The Weiner Family Collection offers a fresh focus on this famous cultural asset. Comprised of sixty-one sculptures, paintings, and prints, it represents the largest survey of the collection and includes numerous works new to our museum. Its accompanying catalogue, authored by Dr. Steven A. Nash and based on extensive research in the Weiner family archives, is the first comprehensive scholarly study ever focused on the collection and brings to light a great deal of new information on individual works as well as the remarkable story of the collection’s growth and early history. The installation includes a video interview of Gwendolyn Weiner by Dr. Nash and a video on the Weiner family legacy. 
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