DENO Committees and Task Forces
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Our DENO Events Committee is responsible for directing our many scheduled social events throughout the year. This group also handles everything related to the production of our events including venue spaces and logistics. If you would like to share your thoughts and ideas on events, or help out with what we've already planned we would welcome your participation. It is important we draw on the varied expertise of residents in our neighborhood—volunteer to direct and organize our next event and surprise us with a new entertainment package for our community. Contact any DENO board member or our committee chairman.
2012-09-02 00:17:12
The Neighborhood Watch Committee works with local law enforcement to develop and operate the DENO Neighborhood Watch Program. More information about our Neighborhood Watch program. Contact our committee Chair, Tom Lavin, for more information.
2012-09-03 19:23:16
The Mac User Group is resuming its’ meetings if there is enough interest. Participants should have at least an intermediate understanding of computer skills. This would not be the best class for a beginner.  Meetings times and dates will be determined by the group when we first get together. Interested individuals should contact Les Wheeler by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
2012-09-03 19:25:30
DENO Newsletter Committee produces DENO's semi-annual newsletter and maintains the DENO website. The committee reviews submitted content and is responsible for technical publication. The Newsletter and Website are the face of the association and may be the only interaction some homeowners will ever have with the association. The effectiveness and value of these resources is only achieved by the participation of our members who are encouraged to either directly participate or submit material for publication. You may contact the Newsletter Committee or submit articles here.
2012-09-03 19:26:43
The DENO Membership Committee mission is to attract and retain members, convey member benefits, and engage with the membership to better understand their needs and expectations of our organization. As such this committee is integral to all operational aspects of the DENO association. Co-Chairs Cindy Quin and Diane Ross can be contacted here.
2012-09-03 19:20:49
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