The Unofficial History Of Deepwell


Unofficial History Of Deepwell

By: Ron Root
Series Originally Presented in Nine Installments
Circa late 2000

As a newer resident (1996), I find myself slightly handicapped as neighborhood historian. But smitten by the charm of Old Palm Springs, I have been moved to research and write about our lovely Deepwell. My love for the Coachella Valley really started in the “golden celebrity era” in the late ‘40’s. I came here with my parents as tourists from Laguna Beach to “star gaze.” Yes, we saw movie stars, but as a child, I was more impressed with riding a camel in Indio as part of the “Arabian Nights” festivities.
Many years later, while searching for a home to fit my semi-retired state of mind, I heard Realtors make strange references to Palm Springs neighborhoods such as Las Palmas, The Movie Colony, Araby, The Mesa, Little Tuscany and lovely Deepwell. Although these areas were not defined on my AAA map, I eventually garnered some sense of location and more importantly, the nature of each neighborhood. In 1992, Palm Springs Life launched a series of short profiles about these neighborhoods. As I relate stories, I will draw information from the few existent written sources. But the most lively resource will be you, the individuals who have resided here longer than I have.

Please share any information you can about how the area developed, resident celebrities, interesting moments and decisions that shaped this place we call Deepwell. I plan to relate this information bit-by-bit in our newsletters and create some historical archives for the newly reorganized Deepwell Homeowners Association.
Were did the “Deepwell” title come from? What existed before homes began springing up? What important people lived here? More celebrities lived in the area than one might guess. How has the neighborhood evolved? I have found some answers to these questions.

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