Neighborhood Watch

Palm Springs is a City of great neighborhoods because our residents choose to make a difference in the places where they live.

Neighborhood Watch musters the efforts of concerned residents to promote block-level security through a program of awareness, communication and education. It is an organized program that helps develop everyone's power of observation and fosters mutual assistance and concern among neighbors.

Neighborhoods are changing. The old, well-established neighborhood has been replaced by a highly transient, growing community. People don't know their neighbors as they once did. The lack of familiarity leads to apathy and a reduced sense of responsibility. The result is 'new' neighborhoods vulnerable to criminal attack.

Goals of Neighborhood Watch

  • Increasing residents' awareness of neighborhood crime by establishing a communication 
  • Helping residents improve their home security and assisting them in safeguarding their personal 
property (Security Surveys and Operation Identification).
  • Developing a neighborhood network where neighbors help watch each other's property and 
report suspicious persons and activities to law enforcement agencies (Neighborhood Watch).
  • Encouraging all residents to cooperate with law enforcement agencies in reporting crime.
  • Enlisting each residence in Operation Identification (recording serial numbers 
and using a property engraver).

Applicable Resources

Neighborhood Watch Manual

Crime Prevention for the Disabled

High-Tech Crime Prevention

Vacation Security

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Neighborhood Coordinator(s)

    • Coordinate Neighborhood Watch activities for their neighborhood.
    • Recruit residents into the program.
    • Serve as the liaison with City staff and police to disseminate information and foster communication about suspicious activity and crime.
  • Block Captains

    • Help recruit residents into the program
    • Distribute Crime Prevention materials to those residents who were unable to attend meetings (Security Surveys and Operation Identification).
    • Act as a point-of-contact for Operation Identification by providing property engravers and pamphlets to their neighbors. The goal of 100% participation is essential in order to achieve the program objectives. The Block Captain is encouraged to personally contact those neighbors who have not participated in the program.
    • Assist Neighborhood Coordinator(s).
  • Participants

    • Act as the “eyes and ears” for the police.
    • Report any suspicious activity.
    • Complete a Home Security Survey and correct any security weaknesses that are identified.
    • Participate in Operation Identification.
    • Stay informed about criminal activity and suspicious activity in the neighborhood.


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